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Plaza II Tenants 3226 and 3232 Hobbs

Kindred at Home Hospice, formerly Gentiva Hospice - Amarillo Branch
3232 Hobbs

Caring for a loved one can be stressful. It can interfere with your work, your personal relationships, and even your ability to care for your loved one. If you are struggling, hospice may be the answer.


Hospice can provide comfort to your loved one, skilled care, and nursing visits. It can even help your family with things like supplies, equipment and hospice medications.


Shake on It
Slover's Group
3226 Hobbs 
Oil and gas related companies, property management and leasing for Hobbs Plaza private office suite leasing and residential leasing. Give us a call at 806-358-9280 or 806-351-0442
3226 Hobbs Suite 200
At Carry On Firearms and Gunsmithing we are more than a storefront with a smile. Because we know your last line of defense may literally be in your hands, we want you to have the best products and services. Come by and check out our inventory or give us a call at 806-418-6263 or go to our website at
3226 Hobbs Suite 103
On The Fly Hockey Supply is a locally owned and operated sporting goods store devoted to ice hockey equipment, accessories, and apparel. Although we are not your typical size pro shop, we hope you will be surprised with the inventory we have in stock. (806) 450-2150
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